We provide strategy to our customers and also the high-level professionals to deliver technology solutions from end to end. We are unpretentious individuals with the expertise of veterans and the amiable approach you would expect from a friend. Because we are incline organization with low overhead, we deliver more assessment for less.

We are also diversified across service lines and industry sectors to provide our clients with the best possible HR services and solutions. We have used our know-how to assist our clients in developing strategic staffing plans, consult on long-term HR projects and fully staff complex projects with the best candidates.

At CSS, we know technology consulting and how to put it to work for your business

Our team of engineers and IT consultants is certified in all major technologies and can guide you with all your technology decisions and IT consulting projects. All our engineers are local and are CSS employees– we never outsource. We are experienced IT consulting services firm with employees in most major cities.


Your organization needs to ensure that critical IT systems are always available to support core business functions. We understand that today’s customers need a combination of flexibility and specialized services. Our expert team of engineers can provide all levels of support, from assisting with ongoing IT projects to serving as your dedicated help desk or on-site staff. We offer a depth of knowledge and experience and will create a customized solution that is right for your company.